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Characteristics of VBC System
Characteristics of LN
What is VBC?
It is an abbreviation of Vacuum Barrier Corporation which is a leading company in the American liquid nitrogen supplying facility market. Since 1958, the company has made a lot of efforts to address all kinds of problem in the industry handling the cryogenic liquid nitrogen, developed vacuum jacketed pipe for liquid nitrogen supply which is bendable and acquired the pertinent patents. Up to date, the company has held achievements more than 650KM in the world which have been applied to various industries including food & beverage, semiconductor, automobile, research center etc.
Characteristics of system
Bendable pipe, LN Dosing (LN injection), Inerting(oxygen purging) system of VBC can reduce 80% amount of nitrogen consumed in the industry facilities requiring LN. Also, it can supply LN from LGC or LN2 Tank outside the building; the pipe system is a high vacuum Jacketed type, can be used without dew condensation, also can be modified into various system routes.
Convenience of installing
Quick installation as it is designed bendable
Easy installation in connect with equipment
Connection to the pipe is Clamp method, featuring outstanding workability without welding
Cost reduction
Can be recovered the annual investment cost when considering labor cost in using LGC, all kinds of cost following it,    and LNLoss.
If LN is continuously used, the amount of loss continuously decreases and it could reduce more cost.
Maintenance cost not needed.
Only the vacuum pump needs to be managed periodically.
Good correspondence following equipment shift.
Service & Support
Strict quality management
Proper stock holding for customers
Sustainable technology development and technology training
System design
Heat losses
Vacuum degree of Semiflex System is 10-6 Torr, maintaining high vacuum status. In comparison with loss of LN of the actual equipment, it is designed to reduce the amount of loss as much as possible.
Equipment connection
The end of the pipe is designed to use End Trap specially manufactured in order to supply pure LNto the equipment connecting part. It can reduce loss of LN by minimizing the non-vacuum part that occurs inevitably in the connection part. Also it is designed to install safety valve in order to avoid damage from excessive pressure build-up in confined area.
Two phase flow
It expands 700 times when -196 LN (liquid) changes into GN(gas). As some equipment requires pure LN, to maintain it as the status of liquid is a key technology. Semiflex & Triax Piping is designed to depart and discharge liquid and gas.
Quality management
As for Semiflex System, two tests are made before and after assembly.
Before system assembly, vacuum test requires using helium gas, testing whether to leak helium at the high vacuum status at 10-6 Torr.
After completion of System assembly, test of vacuum degree has also been made at the same time of -196 LN2 Flow test which can satisfy the site condition.
Design support
On the basis of the long experiences of VBC, we offer technical support on the matters regarding the current production and expecting problems of customers, and are ready for taking a customers site visit at any time.
Semiflex engineering data
Description Semiflex size number
FS-5 S-5 SR-20 FS-10 S-10 ES-25 A-20
Inside diameter inches 0.62 0.66 2.25 1.00 1.40 2.54 2.21
mm 16 17 57 25 36 65 56
Outside diameter inches 1.90 2.0 4.5 2.79 3.0 5.25 3.54
mm 48 51 114 71 76 123 90
Steady state heat loss Btu/hr/foot 0.9 0.9 0.9 2.8 1.8 2.4 2.4
Watts per meter 0.9 0.9 0.9 2.7 1.7 2.3 2.3
Cool down heat loss Btu per foot 6 4 53 16.5 9 24 28
Watts hours per meter 6 4 51 16 9 23 27
Bayonet heat loss Btu per hour 5 5 17 6 6 17 17
Watts 1.5 1.5 5 1.8 1.8 5 5
Design pressure PSI 175 175 175 175 175 175 85
Bars 12 12 12 12 12 12 5.9
Weight Lbs per foot 0.9 1.2 5.6 2.0 1.7 4.8 2.4
Kg per meter 1.3 1.8 8.3 3.0 2.5 7.2 3.6
Minimum bend radius inches 5.5 12 RIGID 10 18 40 48
cm 14 30 RIGID 25 46 102 122
Flow rate - Consult Factory